Dubai Coke is an alternative rock & metal formation from the north of Holland.

In the summer of 2018 one of our guitarists enters with a can of cola on a warm, sultry summer evening. Sweet and refreshing with date taste … “Dubai Coke” was born. And as this special combination of flavors suggests, “Dubai Coke” also has many musical influences. After some changes of musicians; Dubai Coke now stands as a rock. Not only sweet, but also raw, hard and abrasive music comes from the amplifiers. It can sometimes hurt a little bit right ?! Dubai Coke also wants to tell stories; painful loves, socially critical but especially Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll / Punk / Metal and so on… Check us on a stage in your City!

Bass Guitar – Butcher Boy – Felix

Vocals – Mister Red – Marcel

Drums – Doctor Ben – Benjamin

Guitar – The Assassin – Gerwin