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Hello Dubai Coke I am happy to review the track “Opium” Dubai Coke’s “Opium” is a relentless sonic assault. The song’s gritty guitar riffs and powerful drumming create an intense atmosphere that perfectly complements the raw, emotive vocals. It’s a high-energy blend of metal, rock, and punk that leaves you craving more. A must-listen for fans of heavy music. I have to put your track on my blog So ship me your bio and photo as quickly as feasible😉 I will share your release on my Spotify playlist “Hip Hop World” or “Street Sounds” and I’d be grateful if you send me your future artwork again, that’s my pleasure to share them. joker, music promoter


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“Unmute Me” é uma verdadeira joia do rock and roll contemporâneo. Com seu ritmo cativante e enérgico, a música transmite uma sensação de empolgação instantânea que te faz querer levantar e dançar. A combinação habilidosa de instrumentos e a voz poderosa do vocalista criam uma atmosfera eletrizante que mantém os ouvintes envolvidos do início ao fim. A faixa não apenas entrega uma qualidade musical excepcional, mas também apresenta uma obra de arte sonora que certamente perdurará no cenário musical por muito tempo. Com certeza iremos divulgar. …


“Unmute Me” is a true gem of contemporary rock and roll. With its catchy and energetic rhythm, the song conveys an instant sense of excitement that makes you want to get up and dance. The skillful combination of instruments and the vocalist’s powerful voice create an electrifying atmosphere that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. The track not only delivers exceptional musical quality, but also presents a sonic masterpiece that is sure to endure in the music scene for a long time to come. We will definitely let you know.

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“Unmute Me” by Dubai Coke is a musical rollercoaster that demands a place in my playlist. This track, brought to life by a band with diverse influences, blends sweet and refreshing melodies with raw, hard, and abrasive rock/punk elements. Here are compelling reasons why I should add this track to my playlist and share it with my community and followers.

1. Sonic Diversity: “Unmute Me” showcases a fascinating blend of sonic diversity. It starts sweet and refreshing, reminiscent of the cola that inspired the band’s name, and then takes listeners on a thrilling journey through raw, hard, and abrasive rock and punk sounds. This diversity keeps the track engaging from start to finish.

2. Evocative Lyrics: The lyrics of “Unmute Me” have the power to resonate with a wide audience. The song’s theme of breaking free from constraints and finding one’s voice is a universal message that can strike a chord with listeners from various walks of life.

3. High-Energy Performance: This track is a high-energy powerhouse. It’s tailor-made for playlists that aim to inject vigor and excitement into any setting, from workouts and road trips to parties and gatherings.

4. Genre Fusion: Dubai Coke’s ability to blend elements of rock and punk with other influences creates a unique sound that defies easy categorization. This fusion can appeal to fans of various genres, making it a versatile addition to your playlist.

5. Cathartic Release: The raw and abrasive sections of the song can serve as a cathartic release for listeners. It’s the kind of track that allows people to channel their frustrations and emotions into the music, making it an excellent choice for playlists focused on empowerment and self-expression.

6. Conversation Starter: Sharing “Unmute Me” with your community and followers can spark discussions about musical diversity and the power of genre fusion. It’s a great conversation starter for exploring the boundaries of rock and punk music.

7. Independent Artistry: Supporting independent artists like Dubai Coke is an opportunity to amplify the voices of musicians who push the boundaries of creativity. Encourage your followers to explore more of Dubai Coke’s work and discover the rich tapestry of sounds they offer. “Unmute Me” by Dubai Coke is a sonic adventure that transitions from sweetness to raw intensity, offering a dynamic listening experience. Whether you’re curating a playlist for a high-energy event or simply seeking music that breaks the mold, this track delivers. It’s a testament to the band’s ability to craft diverse and engaging music that defies easy genre classification. Share “Unmute Me” with my audience and celebrate the artistry of Dubai Coke while invigorating my playlists with its unique sound.

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Good afternoon and many thanks for sending your track across to us. This is a great track that has influences from a number of genres, not restricted to metal, hard rock, punk and alternative. The music is heavy and raw, guitar riffs, pounding drums and crashing cymbals the driving force of the track and combined with the very punky lead and backup vocals, this track has a great vibe to it. We will get this shared on our website, social media and Spotify so as many people as possible can hear it.

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Hey Dubai Coke,

“Unmute me” is an absolute powerhouse. The fusion of Metal and Rock/Punk elements is electrifying. Your track’s intense riffs and powerful vocals create a sonic experience that’s impossible to ignore. The way you channel your energy into your music is truly awe-inspiring. “Unmute me” demands to be heard. The rhymes used in this music are excellent. Your ability to create a wall of sound that captures the essence of Metal and Rock/Punk is commendable. Keep rocking and creating music that resonates with the spirit of rebellion

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Dubai Coke Launches Unmute Me

Directly from the Netherlands, Dubai Coke arrives with its latest release that promises to break the mold: Unmute Me, a song that fuses the energy of rock, the rebelliousness of punk and touches of metal, avoiding being pigeonholed in a sound label.

For those who are diving into the band's universe, Unmute Me offers a complete insight into their musical style, an authentic sound that truly has something for everyone who craves good rock and roll. The birth of Dubai Coke can be traced back to a warm summer night in 2018 when one of the guitarists turned up with a can of cola in hand. The refreshing sweetness with a hint of date flavor gave rise to the name.

However, just like the unique combination of flavors, Dubai Coke's music is also an amalgamation of diverse influences. After some changes in the lineup of musicians, the band redefines itself as a force on the rock scene. Sweetness not only in the taste, but also in the stories they tell: from painful love to social criticism, going through the phrase Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll and much more.