Welcome to Dubai Coke

In the summer of 2018 one of our guitarists enters with a can of cola on a warm, sultry summer evening. Sweet and refreshing with date taste … “Dubai Coke” was born. And as this special combination of flavors suggests, “Dubai Coke” also has many musical influences.

After some changes of musicians; Dubai Coke now stands as a rock. Not only sweet, but also raw, hard and abrasive music comes from the amplifiers. It can sometimes hurt a little bit right ?!

Dubai Coke also wants to tell stories; painful loves, socially critical but especially Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll / Punk / Metal and so on…

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Niels on the road youtube show (postponed)

Soon (Date Will Come) an exclusive interview with Mr. Red and The Assassin at youtube show Niels on the Road. The show in which Niels Maagd lets his passengers tell their own story while they go for a nice drive…


in the In the meanwile you can check his older shows on: Niels Maagd – YouTube

Enjoy watching!

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