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Hello Dubai Coke I am happy to review the track “Opium” Dubai Coke’s “Opium” is a relentless sonic assault. The song’s gritty guitar riffs and powerful drumming create an intense atmosphere that perfectly complements the raw, emotive vocals. It’s a high-energy blend of metal, rock, and punk that leaves you craving more. A must-listen for fans of heavy music. I have to put your track on my blog So ship me your bio and photo as quickly as feasible😉 I will share your release on my Spotify playlist “Hip Hop World” or “Street Sounds” and I’d be grateful if you send me your future artwork again, that’s my pleasure to share them. joker, music promoter

Zona Emergente

Una canción con mucha energía, buenos riffs de guitarra, nos ha gustado mucho la compartiremos en un post en nuestras redes sociales

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A song with a lot of energy, good guitar riffs, we liked it a lot we will share it in a post on our social networks